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Estroven Reviews Does It Really Combat Menopause Symptoms

Estroven Menopause Relief is one of the many supplements on the market today that are designed to help menopausal women combat the symptoms that can arise when their estrogen levels begin to fall.

Touted for its use of clinically proven natural ingredients, it claims to be able to compete with the top supplements in this area, and do everything from aid weight loss, prevent weight gain, and help reduce vasomotor symptoms like hot flashes. The question is, does it really live up to all of its own hype?

We have looked at the Estroven Complete Multi Symptom Relief formula, and examined the science behind its ingredients and the positive and negative reviews from past customers while collecting every bit of information we could possibly find about the supplement, to help you answer that very question yourself.

Now, we should say that we currently don’t recommend Estroven as the best option for menopause symptoms. EstroCare is a far better option in terms of what you get. It contains the same functional ingredient in Estroven as well as 20 more. And they’re all correctly dosed unlike most of the competition on the market. EstroCare has all of the vitamins and minerals that women have a harder time absorbing during menopause, the natural probiotics that decline which have been proven to support vaginal health, as well as natural appetite and mood stabilizers, and more ingredients to combat hot flashes on top of the Siberian rhubarb.

Estroven Reviews


Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars

  • Contains only an optimal dose of a natural ingredient that has been clinically proven to ease certain menopause symptoms
  • Notably reduces vasomotor symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats
  • A totally drug-free, gluten-free and soy-free
  • Not too expensive, although it does not necessarily offer great value
  • Contains only a limited range of ingredients, which will limit its range of potential effects
  • It may cause issues if it is used for an extended period of time

What Is Estroven?

What Is Estroven

Estroven Menopause Relief is a supplement made and distributed by I-Health Inc. They produce a range of different dietary supplements but, under the brand name Estroven, weight management and menopause symptom relief supplements for women with low estrogen levels are their specialty.

It uses only one natural ingredient that has been clinically shown to combat many of the effects of low estrogen levels while being especially useful for women suffering from hot flashes and night sweats. So it should help you find some relief from some of the most unpleasant complications the issue can cause.

Estroven Benefits

The key ingredient that Estroven uses has been clinically shown to help provide relief from a wide range of different symptoms that are linked to menopause. The primary benefits are stated below:

  • Reduced potency and frequency of hot flashes, night sweats and sleeplessness
  • No more low energy levels, mood swings or mental or physical exhaustion
  • Preventing vaginal dryness and occasional bladder leakage from occurring
  • Relief from daily stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improved concentration, sex drive and joint and muscular comfort

If it can truly deliver even half of these claimed benefits, Estroven Complete Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief really would be one of the better supplements for women who are dealing with low estrogen levels. Positive reviews suggest that it can at least deliver on some of these claims.

Does Estroven Really Work?

Estroven Menopause Relief contains an active ingredient in rhapontic rhubarb that has been clinically demonstrated in numerous medical journals to help either treat or prevent some menopause symptoms.

Tested and repeatedly shown to provide significant relief from hot flashes and night sweats, it may also help treat many of the other issues women experience when going through hormonal changes, such as weight gain or difficulty stimulating weight loss.

The only concern is, that it does not contain any additional ingredients that other supplements use to combat the symptoms caused by fluctuating estrogen levels, such as black cohosh, soy isoflavones, or silicon dioxide, it will not benefit you in as many ways as its rivals could.

Estroven Pros & Cons

Estroven Pros

  • Contains the optimal dose of rhapontic rhubarb extract, which is proven to combat vasomotor symptoms and claimed to help with virtually all known menopausal symptoms

Estroven Cons

  • Using only a single active ingredient limits the range of ways it can combat menopausal symptoms
  • Quite expensive when it is compared to other supplements that contain more active ingredients
  • Some customers have reported seeing adverse side effects if they used the pills for long periods

Estroven Customer Reviews

Reviews from Estroven customers generally suggest that people saw positive results, as it holds around a 4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon at the time of writing.

Positive reviews that gave it either 4 or 5 stars mentioned things like seeing an improvement in certain major menopause symptoms, but it does appear that it will target specific symptoms more than others, with the most notable symptoms treated being vasomotor symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats.

However, the negative reviews that gave it 1 or 2 out of 5 stars covered a much broader range of issues.

This included its inability to notably target specific symptoms other than hot flashes, night sweats and other vasomotor symptoms, as well as its being far too expensive for what it is or causing side effects.

The side effects mentioned included sleep problems, increased anxiety and aggression, constipation, bloating, mood swings, diarrhoea, nausea, and even making their hot flashes and night sweats worse. Some even mentioned these issues continuing even after they had stopped taking the pills days ago.

This confirms what our initial review led us to believe, which is that Estroven supplements containing rhapontic rhubarb extract may provide some relief from menopausal symptoms, but they will not be as effective as more diverse supplements and could cause issues if used on their own for long periods.

Below are some of the Estroven reviews from customers based in the UK and the US.

“I was having night sweats almost every night, causing body temperature spikes and broken sleep. After trying Estroven alongside 350mg black cohosh for the first couple nights, I noticed decreased sweating. It’s been 4-5 weeks now without night sweats. My body temperature still fluctuates but doesn’t spike like before. I will continue taking this.”

Marissa R, United States

“I’ve been taking Estroven for over 4 months and have not noticed any changes. I still have hot flashes throughout the day and struggle with sleep and easily get irritated over little things. I won’t buy it again.

– Tonya Dugas, United States

“As a woman going through these changes in life, it’s good to know we can find the right product. From my own experience, this really works. I am really happy I chose Estroven.”

– Rosely, United Kingdom

Estroven Ingredients

Estroven Complete Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief contains only a single active ingredient, which is rhapontic rhubarb extract. It also contains several non-active ingredients.

They are dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, titanium dioxide, sodium alginate, stearic acid, riboflavin, medium-chain triglycerides, maltodextrin, croscarmellose sodium, and magnesium stearate.

These will not help with any of your specific symptoms and are solely used to improve the stability and texture of dietary supplements. There are also some safety issues concerning the use of titanium dioxide as well, as it was banned from being used in many products by the European Union in 2022.

Rhapontic Rhubarb Extract (Rheum Rhaponticum) ERr 731 – 4 MG

Estroven Ingredients Rhapontic Rhubarb Extract (Rheum Rhaponticum)

An extract made from the dried roots of a plant native to Bulgaria also called false rhubarb, rhapontic rhubarb has been used to treat multiple menopause symptoms in parts of the world for more than 20 years. It is said to combat common menopause symptoms that roughly 80% of menopausal women develop.

There are claims it will reduce weight gain, hot flashes and night sweats, promote restful sleep, boost heart health, provide depression, anxiety and daily stress relief, combat physical and mental exhaustion, the loss of sexual functions, and poor urinary and bladder health, and help prevent vaginal dryness.

Current research suggests that the 4 mg dose of rhapontic rhubarb extract present in Estroven Complete Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief will not only combat all of these menopause symptoms but that it is also the optimal dosage required for the extract to deliver its benefits to the fullest effect.

How To Take Estroven

Estroven Complete Menopause Relief can be taken at any time of day by simply swallowing a caplet with a glass of water, with or without food. It is, however, recommended that you take the pills at the same time each and every day, as that way you will always have a consistent supply in your system.

As with any dietary supplements, following a healthy diet and exercise routine while taking Estroven Complete Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief will ensure that it can reduce menopause symptoms as much as possible. It is also recommended that the product is not stored in direct sunlight.

Potential Side Effects

While Estroven Complete Menopause Relief is generally safe to use, there have been some reports that rhapontic rhubarb extract can cause some adverse side effects if used on its own for extended periods of time. Some people may also simply be allergic to what Estroven Complete Menopause Relief contains.

The known possible side effects linked to it include abdominal pain, diarrhoea, nausea, stomach cramps, and vomiting. If you started noticing any of these symptoms days ago, stop taking Estroven Complete Menopause Relief and see if they subside. If they do not, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Where To Buy

Estroven Complete Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief is, like most Estroven supplements, primarily sold on the official Estroven website. However, Estroven Menopause Relief and other Estroven products can also be legitimately purchased from Amazon, as well as a select range of other online retailers and sites.

Estroven Prices & Offers

Estroven Prices & Offers And Where To Buy

Estroven Complete Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief is, at the time of writing, generally priced at $19.99 for a bottle that contains a one-month supply across all retailers. However, you can also buy a two-month supply from the official website for $29.99, which works out to just under $15 per bottle.

You can also sign up for a subscription on the official Estroven website, which will see you receive your pills at intervals that you designate yourself. Buying Estroven this way will cost you $17.99 per bottle for a one-month supply or $26.99 for a two-month supply, which works out at less than £13.50 per bottle.

Estroven Alternatives


Overall Rating 5/5 Stars
Estroven Alternatives EstroCare
  • Contains an identical dosage of rhapontic rhubarb to Estroven, which is the proven optimal dose
  • Uses a diverse formula that includes things like red clover leaf extract, soy isoflavones, and black cohosh supplements, all of which are proven to help women relieve their menopause symptoms
  • Provides a wide range of benefits for menopausal women, such as improved weight management, stress relief, sleep quality, mood, and physical and mental health and well-being
  • Has not been linked to any side effects or allergic reactions
  • Offers very good value

EstroCare Multivitamin

Overall Rating 4.5/5 Stars
Estroven Alternatives EstroCare Multivitamin
  • Keeps women healthy as they go through menopause, to try and prevent them from developing any symptoms before they begin
  • Comes in gummy form, so is ideal for women who can’t or do not like swallowing pills or capsules
  • Keeps your estrogen receptors healthy to try and prevent menopause complications


Estroven Complete Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief claims to be able to offer women who are dealing with low estrogen a huge number of benefits that will restore their overall health and quality of life.

It certainly does seem that it will be able to relieve the vasomotor symptoms of the conditioned, and women did report they stopped waking up as much during the night when taking it, so is of some use.

However, when looking at the full range of benefits said to be offered by Estroven, weight management and improvements in many other areas seem like nothing more than pipe dreams, as the formula is too limited, while side effects can make it a risky choice for women to use for an extended period.

That is why EstroCareis our first choice to use. Combining rhapontic rhubarb with other ingredients like black cohosh and soy isoflavones means it can aid weight loss, prevent weight gain, and help combat vasomotor symptoms and any other issues the menopause can cause, without causing any side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Estroven Safe To Take?

Most menopausal women should safely be able to take Estroven Complete Menopause Relief without running into any issues. However, there have been some reports that it can cause side effects if you use it for an extended period, as it contains no supporting ingredients like black cohosh.

How Many Pills Does A Serving Of Estroven Contain?

Each serving of Estroven Complete Menopause Relief contains just a single, small caplet, which makes it a fairly decent option for women who are not able to or simply do not like swallowing lots of pills.

How Long Does Estroven Take To Work?

Rhapontic rhubarb extract and Estroven Complete Menopause Relief both get to work extremely quickly, and you should begin to see a reduction in most major menopause symptoms within the first 28 days of use.