Top 5 Essential Oils That Can Boost Testosterone – Know Science!

Top Essential Oils That Can Boost Testosterone

Essential oils feature distinctive fragrances and have numerous benefits, which also include promoting testosterone production. This makes them a top choice for individuals favouring traditional ways of healing.

While using essential oils may be one of the few unconventional ways to treat low testosterone issues in men, it has scientific studies backing its effectiveness. Reduced testosterone in men can be caused due to many reasons, and one of the most common factors is stress. These oils tend to relax the mind and reduce stress which in turn opens pathways for better testosterone output.

The oils are packed with antimicrobial, anti-stress, and anti-inflammatory properties which make them of high therapeutic value. This article covers some of the top essential oils that can boost the testosterone level and here’s how-

What Can Low Testosterone In Men Mean

As men advance in age, especially post-30s, they begin experiencing a fall in testosterone. But aside from this natural factor, low testosterone is becoming a seemingly increasing problem with time because of many other reasons as well, such as poor lifestyle, the polluted environment, and various other ailments as a result.

As testosterone is one of the crucial hormones responsible for several functions associated with the mind and body, a slight decline in its output can result in different kinds of health issues in men, which cannot be ignored.

Some of the most common health issues that men experience as a result of a decline in testosterone levels include-

  • Irritability or mood swings
  • Mental and physical stress
  • Anxiety, prolonged fatigue
  • Disruption in sleep
  • Changes in appetite
  • Weakened muscles
  • Sexual problems like low sex drive and erectile dysfunction

Various factors that negatively impact testosterone levels in men include certain medications, accidents, inactive lifestyle, poor sleeping and eating habits, high levels of stress, and odd work hours among others. However, these symptoms vary in intensity from individual to individual depending on age, health, etc.

Why Pick Essentials Oils For Testosterone Deficiency

Essential Oils are derived from a broad range of plants, seeds, shrubs, and fruits with each of them having a distinctive smell of their own. Because of their anti-inflammatory anti-microbial and stress-relieving properties, they are appreciated as a traditional medicine for their ability to treat low testosterone production.

The oils can relieve stress, offer relaxation to the mind, and reduce fatigue- all of which are necessary for healthy testosterone synthesis. A 2019 research showed that they can help boost salivary testosterone which backs the efficacy of these scented oils.

Men usually prefer these oil therapies over several other traditional and non-traditional remedies because of their ease of use, and easy availability. These are also a much safer option than many other testosterone-boosting methods.

As versatile as they can be, essential oils can be used in different ways for combating low testosterone conditions. For example-

  • You can inhale the scent of these oils which is the most common way of using them. This can either be done by directly smelling from the bottle, but, if it is too strong, you can put a few drops in a diffuser, or humidifier for a milder fragrance.
  • The second method of using essential oils is topical application. Since essential oils are extremely concentrated, they are not applied directly to the skin. You can either add a few drops of essential oil in your carrier oil or with your lotion to apply it to your body.
  • The third way to use these oils to treat testosterone deficiency is to ingest it. You can use a dropper and directly add the required number of drops on your tongue and swallow it.

These oils are extracted from natural sources and therefore, support vegan and vegetarian diets as well. They are easy on any kind of lifestyle which makes it an option for a bigger niche of men of different age groups.

Top 5 Testosterone-Boosting Essential Oils

Essential Oils are constantly gaining popularity because of their therapeutic value and therefore, the market is flooded with different options and variations today. To make it easier for you, we have compiled the five best essential oils that are effective in boosting testosterone synthesis:



Chamomile is known for relaxing the mind and reducing stress levels from the body which is essential in improving the production of testosterone in the body. Stressful life and anxiety can lead to poor quality sleep which in turn influences testosterone negatively. Chamomile essential oil can work as a calming agent and help you sleep better which improves hormone health including boosting testosterone synthesis.



Just like chamomile, lavender is yet another powerful plant known for its efficacy in the world of alternative medicine, especially in the form of essential oil. While it doesn’t directly trigger testosterone production, it is well-known for its anti-stress and relaxing properties which can help you sleep better. Improving the quality of sleep leads to improvement in overall health and hormonal balance including reviving the testosterone levels.

A study further showed that exposure to lavender essential oil can help repair and protect the damaged reproductive cells and improve fertility by increasing sperm count.



One of the most common ones among essential oils, Rose oil plays a significant role in improving testosterone health because of its anti-anxiety and analgesic properties. The scent of rose influences serotonin levels and neuropeptide synthesis within the brain offering psychological relaxation. Adequate serotonin level in the body helps in calming down your mind and staying focussed and it can even make you feel happy. This then improves testosterone production which is beneficial for overall sexual health.

Clary Sage

Sage essential oil has been found to be potent in hormone regulation. While studies have shown that it is effective in regulating estrogen, it also offers a positive impact on the brain, nervous system, endocrine as well as circulatory systems. The antidepressant properties of this herb lower the cortisol levels (also called the stress hormones) thus enhancing the mood. It then triggers the release of testosterone and improves sexual desire.

Inhaling or topical application of sage oil, therefore, is a great way out if you are struggling with testosterone deficiency.



Sandalwood oil has gained quite a popularity for its aphrodisiac properties which helps in improving the sexual mood and drive by treating low libido. This essential oil improves testosterone levels by improving mood and triggering the functioning of both the thyroid and endocrine systems. Both of these systems contribute to testosterone synthesis. You can use sandalwood oil in multiple different ways like mixing it with your carrier oil or lotion for topical use or inhaling it directly. You can also use it in your home air diffuser or add it to your pulse points just like perfume.

Bottomline – Are Essential Oils Effective In Improving Testosterone?

An extensive analysis of essential oils and their impact on testosterone production helps us determine that these oils are indeed effective in improving testosterone deficiency and various health issues associated with it.

The oils stimulate various pulse points which are pathways to different nerves and systems. This in return enhances the functioning of various parts of the nervous system, endocrine system, thyroid, and pituitary glands all of which in some way are linked to testosterone production. Several claims around essential oils may seem less credible, however, their gaining popularity and various scientific studies by authoritative institutes prove that they can make significant impacts when it comes to increasing testosterone output.

Each essential oil impacts the body and mind differently and provides some great benefits. If you are looking to boost the testosterone level naturally, then combining one or more of these oils with your regular workout routine and disciplined diet can render significantly positive results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Essential Oil For Boosting Testosterone?

There are many essential oils that claim to be effective in regulating testosterone production. However, the best ones that have proven to be effective are rose, chamomile, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, and Lavender essential oils.

How To Use Essential Oils For Testosterone Production?

You can use essential oils in multiple different ways depending on your convenience. You can either inhale them directly or ingest a few drops. Aside from that you can also topically apply them on your body by mixing them with your carrier oil or moisturizer.

Do Essential Oils Really Work?

Essential oils have numerous health benefits and have been used as an alternative medicine for years. While they do not impact directly, these oils improve mood, promote good sleep, and reduce anxiety which in turn increases testosterone production. However, these oils alone cannot do much unless you pair them up with a healthy and active lifestyle.