Does Raw Onion Increase Testosterone levels? Know Science!

Does Raw Onion Increase Testosterone

Onion, although a humble vegetable, has a multitude of health benefits but one of the most recent subjects of discussion has been its relationship with testosterone. Many people prefer natural ways to improve testosterone output over artificial treatments and look for various dietary trends that are effective. Raw onions are believed to be one of those top foods that support testosterone health when taken in a balanced diet.

Now the question is- do raw onions actually influence testosterone production? To know more, We delved deeper into the various research works surrounding this subject, how it benefits the body, and the science behind various micro-nutrients of raw onion. While there aren’t many studies focussing on this, the existing ones seem concrete. Let’s take a look at the findings:

Key Findings
  • Onions form an important part of a diet as they contain numerous essential vitamins and minerals.
  • There is scientific data showing that onions have a positive influence on testosterone production.
  • Rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, onions reduce oxidative stress damage and boost overall health.
  • Onions enhance the production of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) which in turn pushes Leydig cells to increase testosterone output.

Connection Between Raw Onion And Testosterone

Connection Between Raw Onion And Testosterone

Raw onions may not be everyone’s dietary choice given their distinctive taste. However, many people suffering from low testosterone issues bear the brunt and eat them every day to improve their production. We have been researching the correlation between raw onions and testosterone for some time now. Well, there are limited studies that have established a direct relationship between onions with testosterone, but a few findings show that onions may also support testosterone health indirectly by influencing some of the body processes.

We are going to look at some of the studies that caught my interest:

In one of the primary experiments conducted in 2019, the human male subjects were asked to consume raw onion juice for 10 to 60 days. Their findings confirm that onions were able to boost the testosterone levels in them by improving the free testosterone concentration. The investigation methods reveal that this can happen in the following ways-

Onion is loaded with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce oxidative stress damage of the Leydig cells in the testicles which is the source of testosterone. Protecting the testicular cells thus supports healthy testosterone production.

Regular consumption of onion also encourages the production of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in the pituitary gland. LH orchestrates the production of testosterone by sending a chemical signal to the Leydig cells to improve testosterone synthesis.

We found another recent study published in NCBI that supported that onions have aphrodisiac properties that improve sexual functions and libido. Its restorative effect is found to be beneficial in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Taking a deeper look at the components of onion, We found that onion is composed of several phytochemicals like allicin, quercetin, and sulfur compounds like cysteine sulfoxides among others. It is these chemicals that contribute to testosterone health. For example, a research study suggests that onions contain a compound called cysteine sulfoxides which lowers stress levels and enhances sleep quality. Good sleep serves as a crucial factor when it comes to fixing low testosterone issues.

Raw Onion Is Not The Standalone Solution To Boost Testosterone

Now that we have gone through some of the key scientific studies supporting onion’s effect on testosterone, it is important to note that it mostly influences the male sex hormone indirectly. This clearly means that while onion does help improve testosterone production by mildly triggering and protecting Leutinizing Hormone (LH) and Leydig cells respectively, this vegetable independently cannot make significant changes.

Therefore, in order to make the most out of onions’ restorative powers, it is essential to combine them with a well-balanced diet. Studies have shown how healthy changes in dietary intake can help improve testosterone concentrations by giving a nutritional boost to the body. This then impacts the body processes that directly or indirectly support testosterone output.

Regular physical exercises are yet another important factor that needs to be combined with testosterone-boosting foods like onions. While the nutrition in a balanced diet increases your athletic performance, resistance training and other forms of exercises on a regular basis can have a significant long and short-term positive impact on testosterone production.

Both diet and exercise help lowering stress levels, build muscles, increase physical stamina, and focus all of which are essential for boosting testosterone.

Other Benefits Of Eating Raw Onions

Benefits Of Eating Raw Onions

As we mentioned earlier, onions contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients that are essential for overall body functioning. Below are some of the health gains of making onion a part of your daily diet:

Boosted Immunity

Scientific data shows that onions contain various immunity components including high concentrations of vitamin C that protect against cell and tissue damage, reduce inflammation, and strengthen the body’s immunity.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

The sulphur compounds like cysteine sulfoxide and flavonoids such as quercetin and kaempferol form the key ingredients in onion. They contribute to a wide range of activities within the body like lipid metabolism, weight reduction, and regulating blood pressure and hypertension, all of which in return promote improved cardiovascular functioning.

Anti-inflammatory Benefits

As stated earlier, onion has incredible anti-inflammatory capabilities. This means it reduces swelling at the cellular level and may combat various health issues like obesity and even arthritis.


After looking through the various scientific data, it is evident that raw onions can contribute to improving testosterone levels. While it may not be the very first thing that crosses our mind when thinking of testosterone-boosting foods, the available studies and data have been able to establish both direct and indirect connections between raw onions with testosterone levels. Further concrete studies, however, might be required to form a solid ground on this subject.

Meanwhile, you can add raw onion with a nutritious diet routine and regular testosterone-boosting workouts to make the most of this vegetable and gain back your testosterone levels.

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